Let’s start with ‘Rattan furniture’. This was a style of furniture produced over a hundred years ago using natural wicker woven over a cane / timber frame- very stylish and comfortable, but for internal use only.

To replicate in a manner suitable for external use, a different material had to be used.

This lead to the development of polyrattan furniture. Quite simply it is a plastic extrusion (polyrattan) that is woven round a frame to provide various styles of garden furniture. The majority of polyrattan weave is an extrusion of polyurethane or polyethylene.
Initially ranges of dining sets were produced. But then came a range of garden sofa’s and daybeds – ranges that simply could not have been envisaged just 15 years ago.

Maze Rattan Peach

The better quality ranges of rattan garden furniture have frames manufactured in aluminium. It is possible to purchase sets manufactured from steel tubing – but beware, these are prone to rusting.

Generally, most people will easily notice the different profiles of the plastic extrusion – flat, half round & rod weave being the most prevalent.

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