A few years ago Ketler and Maze Rattan introduced the ‘Corner Dining’ concept to the UK.
The concept was simple, take a corner sofa and add a dining table with a couple of footstools.
You can then use the whole set for afternoon dining and then move the table away to use the sofa and footstools for casual lounging in the evening.
Why have a dining set and a sofa set, when you can use just one set?
It really struck a chord in the UK. In the first year Maze Rattan oversold massively.

So where do you go from there?

Well you make the table dual height – you introduce an adjustable table.

Take the same corner dining concept. Now with adjustable table you have a table that can be used for dining in the afternoon, then in the evening you simply lower it to coffee table height.

Bramblecrest were the first manufacturer to introduce such a table into the UK. The principle was simple, have a table base with two internal cross bars. Set the table top to sit on the cross bars and you have a table at dining height. Turn the table 90 degrees and the table does not sit on the cross bars and drops to coffee table height. There is a need to secure the top and base table components. Bramblecrest achieve this with a simple pin arrangement. There are a few variations but that is essentially as simple as it is.

Other manufacturers have had to devise alternative methods to achieve a secure fixing method.

Maze Rattan use a system incorporating plastic clips at different heights to secure the table components. Royalcraft use a movable support system to achieve the variable height.

In our Calverton Showroom, we have Bramblecrest, Maze Rattan and Royalcraft adjustable tables for you to see.

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