The shape of the weave extrusion can dramatically change the appearance of the garden furniture.

With early outdoor sets, there was little choice – you had a Flat Weave.
As you can see in the image below the weave is a flat strip material, woven over an aluminium frame. Usually this came in a mixed brown colour, as below. Black was also a popular colour a few years ago, but now variations of grey have taken over. Strangely flat weave is still used on many of the more contemporary flat topped sofa sets. But the flat surface can give a shiny look in full sunlight. We have our own IG Living sets that use a weave with a more appealing matt finish.

Companies tried variations to the flat weave, some developing a slightly raised weave, or ‘D’ shape.
However, the next stage was the introduction of Half Round weave – a pronounced curved weave that is hollow on the underside. As you can probably imagine, this material is not as malleable as the flat weave so takes longer to manufacture. The rounded shape introduces a lot of ‘highlight and shade’ to the furniture appearance. This is now one of the the most popular weaves.

The last one to describe is Rod Weave. As you can imagine this is a solid round extrusion. For detailing work it can we 5-7mm diameter. However for more intricate sets, the rod may only be 3mm diameter. The smaller the rod, the more labour required and so higher the retail price.

That describes the majority of weave on the market.

As you can probably imagine, the flat weave, being very thin, may be susceptible to damage if knocked against brickwork, particularly on chair arms etc. The half round weave, being a thicker and more pronounced shape could get scuffed if knocked against brickwork etc. Similarly rod weave will tend to scuff and not break given similar treatment.

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