As we have previously described, Rattan Garden Furniture uses polyrattan extrusions to cover an aluminium frame.

This combination of durable frame and durable weave enables this type of furniture to be left outdoors in all weathers. Below is one of our own sets. This has been left outdoors for 10 years without a cover – so these sets are really durable.

However, a natural trait of plastic (polyrattan) is that in warm weather, the plastic will become soft and expand. With glass table tops, the plastic weave can warm up tremendously leading to the weave sagging.

Usually this is not a particular problem for most people. However, there is a simple solution – have the tables manufactured with a solid polyboard under the table top weave.

It will not stop the plastic getting hot, it merely provides a barrier for the weave to rest on, thus avoiding excessive sagging.

Below are images of the underside of tables, the first being a table with half round weave and no polyboard :-

The next being a table with a polyboard :-

We currently have a number of ranges incorporating such a polyboard in our Showroom.

1, Royalcraft – Wentworth & Sychelles
2, LG Outdoor – Marseille Barley

So next time you go into a garden furniture showroom, put your hand under a rattan glass table top and check if you can feel a solid board, or just the strands of the woven polyrattan.

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