The Leisure & Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA) is a trade association representing the manufacturers of garden furniture and BBQ’s in the UK.

One of their main goals in recent years has been to bring some clarity into the interpretation of the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 1988, with particular emphasis on fire rated cushions sold in the UK.

As with many acts of Parliament, the FFSR Regulations were not easy to understand and lead to differing interpretations across the UK.

LOFAssured‘ was an initiative that in 2016 clarified the regulations and ensured all cushions sold by LOFA members complied with Trading Standard’s and FIRA’s fire safety regulations.

Therefore when considering the purchase of any type of cushioned garden furniture in the UK, it should give customers peace of mind the products are fully compliant, if the manufacturers are members of LOFA.

One of the main definitions coming out of the initiative was that any cushion sold as an ‘intrinsic part of garden furniture’, ie supplied with an item of furniture (that can be a chair, sofa, daybed, swing seat etc) the cushions need to be UK Fire Rated, irrespective of cushion size.

Scatter and other cushions less than 60cm x 60cm do not need to be UK Fire Rated if they are purchased separately.

The FFSR Regulations are their for your protection. So when considering the purchase of cushioned garden furniture items, why not ask the retailer if the manufacturer is a LOFA member.



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