Well they do not come any more contemporary than this 3 piece Nozum High Back Set from Maze Rattan.

Manufactured with aluminium frames and the chairs covered in Sunbrella acrylic fabric, these are the most modern styling in the ‘all weather’ garden furniture range.

This form of  ‘all weather’ furniture is based on the Sunbrella material repelling rainwater. Ultimately rainwater will pool on the seating area until the surface tension is to great and the water droplets burst and then drain through the acrylic fabric. Inside there is an open cored foam layer that allows the water to drain through.

The best thing with the acrylic fabric is that even if left out all winter the worst thing that will happen is the surface will become a little green and moldy – frightening as it is, this will not degrade the set. All you need to do is clean with a jet washer (low pressure jet). Sounds a bit harsh but it works.

Should the surface of the acrylic become stained with say, red wine – you can just wash it off with soap / water. If deep stained you can clean with 50ml of bleach to 1 litre of water – the acrylic is tremendously durable.

The set is completed with the ‘U’ shaped table, which is both stylish & lightweight.

As you can see from the image, the Nozum set is in our Calverton Showroom ready for you to test it for comfort.



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