Over the past few years the popularity of artificial hedging has increased dramatically. They provide an instant splash of colour to what may be a bland wall or fence.

There are different styles of artificial hedging – small 50cm sq interlocking panels or expanding panels, similar to an expanding trellis structure. Both are covered in small plastic interpretations of uk plants.

Initially for the domestic outdoor market, these products have a degree of UV protection to stop colour fading.

However, the largest increase is in the commercial market.

Hotels and restaurants often need to cover bland walls near external seating areas. The last thing they want is ongoing ground maintenance, hence the popularity of artificial hedging. A few installations detailed below.

With commercial installations,  one concern is products being fire resistant. Artificial hedging manufacturers recognized this concern and now provide fire retardant products for internal use. Please check before you buy.

There are other situations where you may wish to hide an unsightly part of a building. In the image below, the customer has decided the parapet wall needed cladding and chose artificial hedging for the job. Obviously only masking a larger maintenance problem.

With some inner city building projects, the abutment to existing structures can cause a problem. A simple panel of artificial hedging improved the overall appearance of this balcony






Some manufacturers now offer ‘made to measure’ products. Please check with our customer service team if this is something of interest. Call 0115 9656820


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