Ever felt your garden lacked privacy and a bit of colour in winter?

Well now you can overcome the problem easily and make your own Artificial Hedge

These products are available as panels that can be fixed to existing fencing

Or stand alone structures that can be placed wherever required. To provide stability you just need to add a bag of sand to the base of each unit.

The box units in the image below are constructed on a timber and exterior ply frame. Onto this you add individual interconnecting hedging panels with a choice of different plant styles / colours.


As useful as they are in larger gardens, some of the most impressive situations we have seen Artificial Green Walls are on roof terraces, where minimal maintenance and year round colour are real bonuses.

Bases can be made in any external grade sheet of board to match the environment.


These panels can also lift the appearance of the smallest balcony. Take the before and after shots below. How much better is the Artificial Green Wall than the old brickwork.







Artificial hedging does not need to dominate a garden. It can be just a detail to screen part of an elevation, as in the images below. A thin strip placed over trellis on top of a boundary wall to screen an adjacent property.


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