With the ever increasing popularity of outdoor corner sofa sets, the need for a good quality storage box to house all those cushions becomes a real necessity.

Royalcraft Wentworth has been a very popular garden furniture range for a number of years, and this year they have introduced the Wentworth Rattan Cushion Storage Box into this range.

As you can see from the image, this incorporates an hinged lid that overhangs the vertical panels, thereby any rainfall falls outside the perimeter of the box.

Most rattan cushion storage boxes are manufactured for flat pack delivery. This means the vertical joints are not sealed and driving rain can penetrate the box.

To overcome this problem, Royalcraft have incorporated a waterproof zipped bag that fits inside the box. Furthermore, they have provided a woven rattan base panel. This will allow any rainwater that penetrates the box to drain away harmlessly away.

With overall length of 155cm, depth of 94.5cm and height of 94.5cm (all approx), this will store all baser and back cushions from a Wentworth Corner Dining or Corner Sofa Set.

Why not call into our Calverton Showroom to see this and other products in the Royalcraft Wentwroth Range


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