We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Royalcraft Wentworth Deluxe Corner Adjustable Dining Set.

There are three main features that make this set stand out from the competition

1, Functionality of an adjustable height table – from coffee table height to dining table height.

2, It incorporates a separate intermediate seat section. This allows the corner sofa to be set out with either a longer left hand leg or longer right hand leg. I the image above, it is set out as long left sofa. Most other manufacturers have long right leg only.

3, The table top incorporates a polyboard under the weave. In hot weather the plastic weave gets hot under the glass top. This makes the plastic weave soft and it can sag. The weave will return to normal in cooler conditions.A polyboard is there merely to provide a solid surface for the weave to rest on and reduce the impact of sagging weave.

The table height is adjusted by lifting the table top from the base and moving a metal bar at each end of the table.

For coffee table height the bar is pulled towards the centre of the table and under the woven panel, thereby allowing the table top to sit on a low level support, as indicated below.

To raise the table height, merely push the metal bar towards the outside of the table base, as indicated below.

The table top will then sit on the higher level bar, making it a dining table height.

You will see there are plastic clips on the metal bar. These locate the table top to the base.

The polyboard under the table top weave has four holes pre drilled. This is to allow any rainwater that collects from the edge of the table to drain away.

The light brown half round weave and grey cushions have made this range very popular in recent years. The additional features described above will increase the popularity.

The Royalcraft Wentworth Deluxe Corner Adjustable Dining Set can be seen in our Calverton Showroom.


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