Maze Rattan Oxford is the latest addition to this well respected manufacturers product range.

Oxford is generally manufactured with half round weave and full rod weave detailing. But with the Oxford Apple daybed, being constructed with a single layer of polyrattan, the underside of weave would not have the desired appearance.

Therefore as the exception to the rule, the Apple daybed is manufactured with a ‘raised flat weave’ material. This gives a slightly rounded look to the exterior, as indicated below.

But the inside surface of the polyrattan weave is flat. This gives a neat finish in a complimentary colour to the external surface. The weave is approx 6mm wide and therefore allows the weave to neatly follow the contours of the aluminium frame.

The Oxford apple arrives in two sections. The base has a tubular ring to the base to provide stability. The top section is located onto the base section by a number of bolt connections. We find it easier to locate the centre bolt, then work round to the opening and locate the other bolts. As with any item of rattan garden furniture, do not tighten up any of the bolts until all bolts are connected.

As a large number of Apple daybeds end up being placed on lawns, it is very easy to use something similar to large tent pegs placed over the base ring to ensure stability on soft ground.

To comply with UK Fire Regulations and LOFA ASSURED requirements, all base and scatter cushions are fire rated.

There are various items from the Maze Rattan Oxford range in our Showroom, so why not make a trip and see how comfortable the Oxford range is


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