When we initially took in stock of Rattan garden furniture, the chairs were stacked in packs of 4, with little protection in transit to the customer.

Over the past couple of years, most manufacturers have changed the way chairs are shipped to the UK, with the majority now boxing chairs in pairs.

However, some boxes were too thin and you would find chair legs poking out of the cardboard boxes.

Royalcraft have recently introduced plastic covers for their chair legs. Such a simple feature increases the surface area of the chair leg and significantly reduces the potential for the chair leg to push through the packaging. The image below is a Royalcraft Seychelles chair leg.


Furthermore, a similar solution has been introduced by Royalcraft to overcome table fixing brackets pushing through the side of cardboard packaging. The item below is from the Royalcraft Wentworth range.


Simple solutions that will have an insignificant cost impact, but remove any stress when customers receive their goods.



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