Once upon a time, gardening used to be exclusively for older people looking for a more relaxed hobby. As we approach 2020, gardening and plant parenthood is a huge culture on Instagram especially amongst a younger audience, with some people becoming plant influencers full-time!

The Internet Gardener team wanted to find out what the most popular plants were to see what makes up the millennial indoor garden of 2019. The graphic below shows the official statistics from analysing hundreds of Instagram posts and plants among some of the top hashtags for Jungalow gardeners.

Plant ParenthoodThe top 50 posts from almost 6.1 million images across the following hashtags were analysed to see which plants featured in each individual image; #Houseplants, #Plantstagram, #PlantsofInstagram, #PlantParenthood and #PlantsMakePeopleHappy. The average likes were then totalled from these top 50 posts, indicating the mean average number a post would get featuring a specific plant. The percentage of each plant relates to how many times that specific plant appeared in our sample.

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