Once upon a time, gardening used to be exclusively for older people looking for a more relaxed hobby. As we approach 2020, gardening and plant parenthood is a huge culture on Instagram especially amongst a younger audience, with some people becoming plant influencers full-time!

The Internet Gardener team wanted to find out what the most popular plants were to see what makes up the millennial indoor garden of 2019. The graphic below shows the official statistics from analysing hundreds of Instagram posts and plants among some of the top hashtags for Jungalow gardeners.

We spoke to Jo Lambell, Director over at Beards & Daisies, and she was not surprised to see these plants on the top 10, confirming how the social media data matches with sales data.

“The trend for indoor house plants shows no sign of slowing in 2019. With 45% of our customers falling in the 25-34 age group, they are well versed in the environmental benefits of indoor house plants and are keen to follow the trend for filling their homes and offices spaces with a medley of plants. Our most popular plants include anything with a pink leaf which explains the massive popularity of the Oxalis, our best selling plant, and with 70% of our customers being female this is no surprise.”

“The bigger the better with house plants, and our customers favour these tall plants for maximum impact so it’s no surprise the Swiss Cheese plant features at the top of the list. This is our best selling ‘jumbo plant’ followed closely by the Rubber Plant, we’ll have waiting lists for these plants when they go out of stock! Millennials don’t do trends by halves with most orders including multiple plants. No Insta home, coffee shop or office is complete without a Devil’s Ivy – a staple for any new ‘plant parent’ as it’s low maintenance, fast growing and inexpensive making this a popular add-on to any plant order.

“We’re not surprised to see the popularity of shelf plants on the list. Almost 50% of our plants are delivered to cities throughout the UK where space is a premium and plants such as the String of Hearts, succulents and String of Pearls are flying off the virtual shelves as they’re a fab way of working more greenery into small spaces.”

It seems Instagram is having a massive impact on the plant sales, with the Swiss Cheese Plant leading the charge. That was only one online plant store though, so we decided to speak to another to see if this phenomenon was widespread.

At this point, we decided to speak to Dr Katie Cooper, founder of online indoor plant store, Bloombox Club. She discussed how her young customers may not be able to afford some of the popular plants, but they are still definitely popular!

“Our customers are mostly in the millennial bracket. If you’re sourcing plants responsibly, and paying growers fairly, some of the most popular varieties will be outside of the Gen Z budget. On the other hand, our social media following is full of young plant-lovers. With everyone from Urban Outfitters to vegan influencers putting plants front and centre in their imagery, it’s no wonder the demand for indoor plants has shot up. Younger generations seem to be more interested in self-care and protecting the environment than their predecessors, and looking after plants fits in with these patterns. Always quick to sell-out are Pygmy Pineapples and Hanging Hearts, which we’re sure to see again when younger followers post pictures of their new green friends settling in.”

The top 50 posts from almost 6.1 million images across the following hashtags were analysed to see which plants featured in each individual post; #Houseplants, #Plantstagram, #PlantsofInstagram, #PlantParenthood and #PlantsMakePeopleHappy. The average likes were then totalled from these top 50 posts, indicating the mean average number a post would get featuring a specific plant. The percentage of each plant relates to how many times that specific plant appeared in our sample.

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